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Balance Moreland City Council's budget


Help inform next year's Council Budget


Every year, Moreland Council needs to balance the budget. 

We have to decide between competing priorities and this year we are asking you about how you think the budget should be divided between the services we provide to our diverse community.

We will use your responses to help inform the 2020-2021 draft budget which will go out for consultation in April 2020. 


How it works

After you click on 'Create your Budget' you will see a list of service groupings. Under each heading is a list of services.

You can click on the 'i' beside each service for an explanation about what the service covers. You can decide whether to increase or decrease the budget for each service. Once you have created a budget that you are happy with, and is balanced (or comes in under budget), you will be able to review it before submitting it to Council.

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You choose whether the budget for a service remains the same or is increased/decreased. There are also text boxes in each service grouping where you can explain your decision. The budget you choose needs to be balanced (or come in under budget) before you get to a screen that allows you to review your choices. You can then submit your budget.

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Create your Budget